Mile 2630 to 2650

Our last day began with a chilly morning in Lake Morena campground. We were all bracing for it -the mixed emotions, felt in our hearts and legs. Scout had joined our party a couple days before, adding his energy, singing, and charisma to the roadblocks. Our group of five walked the last twenty miles together.… Continue reading Mile 2630 to 2650

The final count down

599...499...399... why are the miles coming off in hundreds? Each day goes by quicker than the one before. This section is amazing -possibly my favourite? The elevation is revealed in the flora: low cactuses and high pines. I love the midday heat and the evening reprieve. Looking out, the same blue sky we began under… Continue reading The final count down

Northern California has continued to show us some amazing colours: the  greens of sage, the yellow lighting before a storm, the purple shadows on the mountain sides.  As we approached and then passed the halfway point, the miles are beginning to sink in; the realization that they are not unlimited has become a presence in… Continue reading